1952 World Series, Game 7: Yankees @ Dodgers


New York Yankees 4 at Brooklyn Dodgers 2, F — Gene Woodling and Mickey Mantle homered, and Billy Martin made a game-saving grab of an infield popup gone awry, as the Yankees recovered from a three game to two deficit to win their fourth of five straight World Series, in seven games over the Brooklyn Dodgers. Mantle’s homer in the sixth gave the Yankees the lead for good, and an insurance run in the seventh made it 4-2. With the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the inning, Jackie Robinson hit a high pop up that Yankees first baseman Joe Collins appeared to lose it in the sun. But Martin charged in from second base to snatch the ball at his shoe tops to end the inning and snuff out the Dodgers’ last threat as the Yankees secured the championship.

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  1. Am reading the great book BOYS OF SUMMER by Roger Kahn so thought I'd add the visual coverage. DO read the book. Ruth Z Deming

  2. The man behind Mantle at 33:28 exclaiming at Gil for missing yet another hit is a great sight to see.

  3. You know what this video's comment thread is missing? That one person going on about New York having thin people with no phones back in the day.

  4. Tghe world series 1952…The pitcher is black, and the catcher , Campanella is half black, and what do I see next> Joe Biden, the racist begging for my vote……Oh, the irony of youtube

  5. What an absolute gem…very watchable quality and a great game. And you're never ever going to see 4 and 5 hitters bunt for consecutive hits again in our lifetime!

  6. Now this is when baseball was baseball when players played for the love of the game an, not the money .Yankees and Dodgers 52 world series greatest series in history of the game .

  7. Jeez how slow did they pitch back then good grief..their form was so funny. They thought u needed do huge looping motions to throw a ball lol

  8. I saw the game on TV—But UJtube is wrong—–the world series was the first team to win 4 out of 7. they never played
    after the yankees won 4 games.


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