9 Amazing RuneLite Plugins that Will Change your Game – SkyBox, Detached Camera and Fog! [OSRS]


Hey guys, welcome back to another runelite video. Runelite releases so many different updates its almost hard to keep up with all of them

Runelite Download

Runelite Dev Tools:
–clientargs “–developer-mode”

Today I am going to be going over another 9 amazing plugins for the client. We now have the skybox plugin, fog plugin, menu collapsing plugin and so much more. Runelite is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to oldschool runescape. I have chosen a mix of brand new plugins, as well as old ones that I have yet to cover

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  1. So honestly I would love to use runelight but I'm reluctant to use it since I've heard that using third party clients have a chance of getting you banned… can you enlighten me about this?

  2. i know this is a old video but my skybox hasnt worked since day one. can anyone help? gpu is on. fog depth is on. like idk what im doing wrong here

  3. Graphics tweaking a game that looks like it was made before pixels existed lol, No amount of tweaking will make this look good. My advice… Just get a better looking game lol

  4. Not sure if anyone else mentioned this but the highlighting and enemy is a bit op since you can avoid skull tricks but highlighting the npc since players wont glow

  5. Hey I cant get the GPU plug in to turn on? I click it on and it automatically turns it off??? Any suggestions?

  6. your favorite update that they've ever released is random color backgrounds? "skyboxes" ? Runelite must be pretty bad… lol

  7. For the Slayer thing I have it set so it always shows up in the top left corner how many mobs need to be slain


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