ANGRIEST FISHING EVER | Hand Simulator w/ Bob & Wade


Fishing has never been so much “FUN” especially with friends!

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  1. Here is the random kid and the dialogue:
    15:38 Wade: We have a random we have a rando.
    Mark: I know we have a rando-
    Rando: Oh shit! Wait is that Mark?
    Mark: Oh fuck off.

    17:37 Rando: Hi guys it’s me again!
    Mark: OH FUCK OFF!
    I don’t know what he said here but people are saying he said his name and to subscribe to him

  2. Mark: don't worry about where my arm is worry about where your arm is.

    Wade: I'm dead…

    Mark: see maybe you should have worried about where your arm was.

    Wade: I-

    Mark: STUPID.


  3. Kid deserves it tbh he joined there serv by accident ones told not to join agin…what did he do he dint listen like he should have. Interrupting a stream is like interrupting a job never do this it’s very annoying for the person and SUPER frustrating also disrespectful

  4. why are people saying, there’s no reason to yell at the kid or you shouldn’t yell at the kid. that kid barged in which he shouldn’t have, plus how are kids going to learn if their not disciplined

  5. If a normal person is getting Annoyed and his name is called, it's a normal reaction to tell that person to go away. Also the kid should've got the message after they left THE FIRST TIME but, he joined again after THEY LEFT
    Why is the comment section protecting the kid?

  6. I understand yall are defending the kid and honestly yea I'd prolly be sad too but again there was a password to the server for a reason they wanted to play with eachother only to make content I'm sure there will be other times were fans can join games and we know mark is sweet he was clearly focused on the game and annoyed w frames I'm sure the kid was happy either way but it is what it is no need to get pressed lmao

  7. That reaction was not that bad… idk why people are freaking out as if he dropped a fucking bomb on that kid, he was clearly already annoyed/frustrated. It kinda feels like some people just forget what being annoyed and frustrated is like, Those emotions can give you a pretty short fuse..

  8. That kid that keeps joining is the most annoying person and probably has no friends so he feels the need to impede on other people’s fun.


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