Briefly MBR vs GPT | What are the main differences between MBR and GPT disk styles


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In this short illustration i will show you the main differences between MBR and GPT disk styles.

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  1. nice video!

  2. You forgot an important detail:
    – MBR has only one partitioning table which is located on the first sector of the hard drive. If that track is wiped, your drive is considered unformatted, and data restoration must be read sector-by-sector.
    – GPT has two partition tables which are located at sector 2 to 31 ( Primary GPT header ) and -31 to -2 ( Secondary GPT header ), where the sector 1 acts as a protective MBR for devices being unable to read GPT, and therefore see them as drive with "unknown" filesystem. If sectors 2 to 31 are wiped, they can be restored using the secondary header which in turn are an exact copy of the primary one, and vice versa.

  3. If i want to move everything(including OS) from my MBR C: Hard drive (using 416gb and total space is 913GB) to my new SanDisk 512gb SSD, would i be able to migrate it without a problem? Or would i need it to be a GPT hard disk? Thank you


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