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My thoughts on Bruges following the full playthrough

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  1. This used to be my favorite Feld game along with CoB. I played it again last year half a dozen times with all the modules from the expansion as well. I still enjoy it, I'm a sucker for the multiple-use cards. I don't mind those new character cards you described. However, the market module is just ok for me, maybe only decent at higher player counts and the canals with boats definitely forces people to go more into the canal strategy as some of those bonuses are hard to miss. My main grip is definitely luck of the draw. We play with a house variant where players can discard 2 cards to turn them into any color, and if you have to draw back to 5 for the next round, you draw the extra card from one of the extra piles not used for the game. I like the house variant better in regards to helping with the draw, but I do feel that it's not a perfect variant. It makes it much easier to get rid of the threat tokens and thus, the game becomes less challenging. Still think it's a great game, but has dropped down a bit for me.

  2. Nice video on an interesting game 🙂 I am just figuring out some of these euro market games for my channel XD there are a lot to go through!


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