Cuphead: As Tough As The 1930s – PART 1 – Game Grumps


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Oct 13 ►
Oct 15 ►
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Oct 18 ►

Arin and Dan begin this 1930s adventure…as cups.
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  1. No one's talking about 12:58

    I don't ship a lot (especially when it comes to actual real life people and not characters) but I expected some of y'all to be absolutely losing your shit over this

  2. 1:13

    I know that this has barely anything to do with the video but why do I hear Jack laughing like Anti when Arin says "dude no"

  3. 9:16
    "I choose to be filled with LOVE"

    Sans:love stands for Level Of ViolencE

    Me:hello fellow genocider channel!!

  4. I'm looking back at this during "the backstreet boys reunion tour" Jack saying "if you don't buy a ticket, a child dies" is ironic, because now it's kind of the opposite

    It's more like
    "If you get a ticket, you die"

  5. Arin: reads first three letters of tutorial "BuDuhDabA LOOOOUUUD FAAARRRT StuPiDuBUBBA"
    Rest of gameplay: AGRESSIVE DIARRHEA


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