Frozen Elsa and Anna Ballerinas Online Game


Elsa and Anna Ballerinas Online Game
Famous sisters, Elsa and Anna, are playing ballet. Let’s choose the best costume and help Disney Frozen sisters to become the most beautiful ballet dancers for their ballet shows.

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Elsa and Anna Ballerinas Online Game


1. Elsa was primarily assumed to be a villain.

2. Director Jennifer Lee was the first woman in the world to direct a Disney animated movie.

3. The names Anna, Hans, Sven and Kristoff are a tribute to Hans Christian Andersen, the Snow Queen author.

4. This was not the first experience with frozen things for Kristen Bell, who gives voice to Anna. In high school she had worked at the TCBY frozen yogurt chain.

5. Walt Disney wanted to create a movie based on the short The Snow Queen, which inspired Frozen, since the 1940s.

6. The production team visited a hotel made out of ice for design inspiration.

7. Since the movie has been released, the names for girls Elsa and
Anna have become extremely popular for babies.

9. Actress Livvy Stubenrauch voiced the young Anna in the movie.

10. In making off, the movie started out with the final scenes first.
The summer beach scene in “The Summer Song” is a reference to iconic sunscreen commercial of Coppertone.

11. There is a huge and committed fan fiction community that conceives Rise of the Guardians’ Elsa and Jack Frost together.

12. 50 different animators worked on the scene where the Ice Palace was constructed.

13. There is a memo in the end credits stating that Disney doesn’t support the consummation of boogers.

14. The names mentioned in the disclaimer are those crew member babies born during production.

15. To instill the script with Norwegian phrases, words, and accents, filmmakers hired a professor of Old Norse and Scandinavian mythology at UCLA, named Jackson Crawford.

16. Flynn and Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled make a brief cameo appearance at the coronation of Elsa.

17. Name of Anna’s horse is Sitron, this is Norwegian word for “lemon”.

18. Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Anna and most of the movie’s characters don’t appear explicitly in the fairytale.

19. In March, 2 firemen in Boston had sung “Let It Go” to a girl stuck in an elevator to appease her in order to rescue her.

20. A Mickey Mouse can be spotted at Trading Post and Sauna of
Wandering Oaken.

21. Filmmakers engaged famous hairstylist Danilo to advise on Elsa’s hairstyle.

22. There are 3 references to Arrested Development in the movie.

23. Rosemaling, the traditional Norwegian folk art that features geometric designs and flowers and that was used in the costume designs of characters, has exploded in popularity since the release of the movie.

24. Filmmakers traveled to Norway to get muse for the landscapes of the movie.

25. Limited edition Frozen Anna and Elsa puppets have been selling for USD 10,000 on eBay.

26. Tourism in Norway has significantly increased since the release of the movie.

27. Searches for flights to Norway have also dramatically increased by 153%.

28. The shopkeeper Oaken might have a same partner.

29. Animators had to build up a program called Tonic just to animate Elsa’s hairstyle.

30. Because of the braid, princes Elsa has 420000 CGI hair strands.

31. That is fifteen times more than princess Rapunzel.

32. The character of Kristoff was affected by the Sami people, who are indigenous to the north of Norway.

33 Santino Fontana, the actor who give the voice Prince Hans, auditioned for the role of Flynn in Tangled but did not get it.

34.Fairytale Frozen is the highest grossing animated movie of all time.

35. Animators had an actual reindeer visit the studio to use as the muse for the Sven character.

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