Hitachi 2.5" Hard Drive Recovery | Clicking Hard Drive


Hitachi 2.5″ Laptop Hard Drive was clicking when we received it. This particular hard drive had a major firmware issue, when once repaired allowed access to the data under 3 heads. We were able to get a partial recovery without performing the head swap, however in order to get 100% recovery we recommended to replace the head stack with a compatible donor drive. We performed the head swap in our CLASS 100 ISO 5 certified clean work area. This procedure was done by an experienced engineer. It was successful and enabled us to recover 100% of the data.

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  1. is it possible to open hard drive in any environment or its only repair in any special lab? like dust free or air tight lab

  2. I have Acer Aspire 5532 and it turns on, I hear the fan, but then it stops. My screen comes up black but there is light on it. I've tried all reboots required. F2, Ctrl Alt Esc, f10 delete. Nothing. I even bought USB flash drive and took recovery off my Dell. Added it to my Acer like tech told me and nothing. I have important info on my laptop that never had chance to back up. What else can I do except go online and purchase another video card? Or do I need one of these Hitachi HDD 5k500?

  3. hi …tell me please where are you working ….i have a problem. It`s Hitachi and it does not work the mechanic part. In others words the head….please tell me where is you local to found you and talk about cost? I am in Perù

  4. Very informative, however, it's unfortunate that you never removed the background noise like a fan or A/C unit during editing of the video. Hope you consider that next time around.


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