Hitachi HDD Head replacement process – HddSurgery


This set of head replacement tools (Head Combs) can be used to replace heads on almost all modern 2.5″ Hitachi hard drives. Set contains 3 pairs (6 pieces) of head replacement tools and pair of support tools.

These head replacement tools are used to ensure that the heads do not touch each other in proces of replacement and to enable their easy mounting back to the ramp.

These tools don’t solve the head compatibility problem. They will only assure that the process of head replacement goes easily on supported drives.

*Hard drive used in this video is a test model, only used for video purpose. It’s not the hard drive from a data recovery job.

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  2. Hello, I'm from Brazil, do you provide parts for the repair of the disc or could it indicate the Supplier?
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  3. Hello, I'm from Brazil, do you provide parts for the repair of the disc or could it indicate the Supplier?
    Contact bilgold +55 1195456-6070


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