HITMAN – Landslide – Silent Assassin/Suit Only & Crank it To Eleven – Challenges


Walkthrough for the landslide bonus mission. Assassination challenges for this video include silent assassin suit only and crank it to eleven

Hitman – Landslide Challenges & Feats:

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  1. Gotta be honest here. I beat this level in 41 seconds with four stars. Just took Napoleon Blownapart with me. When the level opened I tossed him at the target. The model leaves then BOOM goes the Napoleon. Going back now to get five star silent assassin but still thought it was pretty funny.

  2. Just to update on the legacy pack version the guy on the balcony has to be lured away from it as the guy below always spots you.

  3. I love watching how effortlessly and quickly you do these. Took me like 30min to get SA/SO, did it in the graveyard. Got rid of the gardener (used emetic syringe, subdued him by the tunnel, hid his body all the way up in the church crypt so the patrolling Plumber wouldn't find him), snuck up the Town Hall and shot the computer from outside on the ledge, and only then did I go into the camera guy's apartment to set up the meet in the graveyard. I claim temporary insanity for forgetting about the camera in the church basement, but I discovered a fun reward for taking the time to go to the Town Hall: it triggers the search for Sal Bravuomo. By the time I was in the graveyard, Marco was clear across the map meeting with Sal. The bodyguards cordon off the graveyard and search it, immediately, but it doesn't become trespassing until Marco shows up and says "Don't let anybody else in". So when his bodyguard searches the garden by the woodchipper, he was the only person I had to avoid AND I wasn't trespassing yet so I didn't actually have to avoid him. I've managed to hide from both the bodyguard and Marco while trespassing in that area, but I considered this a nice reward for being so bad at and/or new to the game. 🙂

  4. Why no more musical skipping? Loved those xD
    My SA/SO instead was going in the church, played the organ, subdued the church staff and the two bodyguards without getting noticed, waited for Abiatti to kill the poor priest and then killed him. I was a naughty Hitman.

  5. A bit annoying that you can't get in to the safe house with your key from the front door. Anyway, I did this suit only in the lawyer's office, sneaky sneak up the drain pipe, lured one of the guards from the room with the cleaning lady in, knocked him out (this may be unnecessary), left a gun just inside the room, waited for the target to come closer, and his bodyguard then took that gun away giving time to take out the target unseen. Unfortunately, I was then completely surrounded by guards with no obvious way out and no more crate room, either. Then the stupid lawyer came in and started smoking a cigar so I had to subdue him, too. Then lure one of the three guards in and subdue him, before sneaky sneaking past the other two guards to get back to the bathroom and down the drainpipe and out. Quite a bit of fun figuring that out and getting SASO.

  6. My game isnt starting since i downloaded that new update today.after the profile selection screen it goes black and crashes.on xbone. Anyone else have that issue?


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