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Hi. I’m Alex Fell from Warrior Fitness Boot Camp here in New York City. And today I’m going to discuss how to do a star jump. A star jump is a great exercise. It really tones your legs, your butt and really gets that heart rate up to really burn that fat. Now, all you want to do is just find an open space and yourself. The first thing you want to do is, just squat down nice and low. All right. Get nice and low.

Place your hands at your feet. All you’re going to do is explode up into a star. It’s real simple. It’s a very intense, simple exercise that builds everything in your lower body. It’s going to look like this: squat down and you just explode up into a star then right back down. Hands to your toes. Keep your head up. Keep your back straight. Everything nice and tight. Explode up. Right back down. Touching your toes. It’s a great exercise. Really works those gluts. Really burns those quads to build that lower body. And again, get your heart-rate up to really burn that fat. You can incorporate this into your workout. Starting out if your fitness level, if you’re new to working out, or your fitness level is a beginner level, I would say start out with ten repetitions. Take a break for a minute. Repeat. Take a break for another minute. Then repeat again. Three sets of ten with a minute rest in between.


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  1. I wish this was easier to do in my circumstances.. under quarantine in a tiny cramped apartment in a big city. I made do. I found a space right in front of the stairs (a bit scary to me) but the ceiling is really low so I don't raise my hands all the way up.. more like to a t..

  2. As Navy cadets, after Star Jumps, we were made to do a sprint, where we will often fall on our face to the glee of PT instructor…… Great memories

  3. SMH I get it, camera (wo) man thinks due is fine … but could we just keep the camera focusing ON THE FORM of the exercise?

  4. My Plt Commander was a PT stud. When he would PT us, he's thrash us with Star Jumpers. Far more painful and demoralizing than Burpees

  5. Read Warrior fitness review on my blog before you buy. Go to jasonreviews. com/warrior-fitness-review/ Thanks. Kenny.

  6. "All you wanna do is find an open space and yourself"
    But what if I haven't found myself yet? I'm still haven't completed my quest yet.

  7. This is a great workout, really develops the fast twitch muscles in the legs! Huge benefit on runs. Anyone going to Quantico, Parris Island, or San Diego needs to be doing star jumps


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