I Will Film a Movie Using a Game Engine!


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On this episode of Quarantine Crew, Sam explains where he’s at with his mission to develop a small-scale virtual production workflow, using Unreal Engine, Unity, and motion capture. Matt shows off his green screen blanket, and Wes attempts to complete his most intense Instagram challenge yet!

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  1. 5:16 he definitely likes spongebob, you can even see a squidward painting in the background

    I like this Matt guy..

  2. After watching Wes my back, knees, and wrists hurt. Thanks, guys.

    Also; I guess it's time for the whole world to learn Unity.

  3. bro i genuinely thought that was a fake baby and could not see it as real at all, probably because i have not seen a real newborn in so long

  4. Aahahaha I was crying during Matt's edit

    Wes! Nice job dude thats amazing

    SAAAAAM congrats my man. Can't wait to listen to your album.

    Sup Jake

  5. I know you need 10 minutes to monetize, but couldn't you do 10 mins on the game engine part, and not do the 5+ minutes of filler crap?

  6. Awesome and aaawwww adorable baby… WAIT!!! GWEN FROM BEN 10? Lol jk I mean unless she grows up and goes across the country with her grandpa in an rv and has a cousin who finds an alien watch that fell from space, haha ok I'm done my dumb joke.

  7. Nice!! I love that you did the moves from mah BOY Travis Wong!!! Also, Unreal movie making is LEGIT!! I gotta connect you with Eric Jacobus

  8. I have never heard so much crap, there is literally zero drop in rendering quality from UE4, it's realtime so he won't need to render it anyway but it has one of the highest quality and robust rendering systems out there, there lighting is second to none, mandalorian uses the system that it does because the quality is ultra realistic, they don't need to greenscreen anymore because they just use photoscanned environments inside of the unreal engine, it looks real, no drop in quality, i cant get over how he can say that with a straight face lol.

    WITHIN SECONDS of him saying that the rendering quality is low he states that you don't even have to render because it's realtime, contradicting yourself within seconds of the same sentence, damn.

    The quality drop from sam's video will be due to sam being bad at making videos in unreal engine, nothing more nothing less.

  9. Sam: puts fake baby in video
    Sams wife: thats not my baby who tf are you cheating on me with
    Sam:wait it’s a jo……….
    Sams wife: shoots sam

  10. no one is going to see this but "hellblade Senua's sacrifice" did this really well so its quite awesome to see all their devlogs surrounding it and its worth checking out.

  11. feel weird for screen recording sam’s motivational message but if anything is going to get me through this it’s that


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