ICE SKATING BALLERINA – Dance Challenge Arena – Coco Plays by Tabtale ( App Game )


Ice Skating Ballerina – Coco Play by Tabtale – Today we are playing a free app game called Ice Skating Ballerina – Dance Challenge Arena! I’ve made it to the Olympics and its time to get a gold medal! We are going to work with the top coach, to help us practice for our ice skating competition! We’re going to be skating as a single and as a pair! I need to find the perfect partner to skate with me!

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  1. Can you put the star player that's running away with blue and silver glitter the very top one but the skirt that you had blue and glitter gold and you're looking for the talk the very first time like the very first one the right one is the right one

  2. Zailetsplay that was awesome actually in my heart you deserve the trophy🏆
    Who agrees with me push the like button if you

  3. Zailetsplay that was awesome actually in my heart you deserve the trophy🏆
    Who agrees with me push the like button if you agree
    And you did great my favorite part was the star
    it‘s very interesting and it looks like she’s the ⭐️
    And I have this game in my inventory too it’s very fun to play on it and I also have gymnastics superstar get a perfect 10

  4. I'm sorry this is so late because I didn't see this video until now and it's the best I love your ice skating move even though you have won first place in my heart you did I love you zai

  5. Btw I have to tell u something at this game is was really creepy and its glitch well I was about to go to my moms car and then my iPad fall and I was playing that game when I take my iPad I saw my avatar face was mix and weird then it was gone but her right cheek was like smushed so I was like omg what happened then I played that game again when I was at home another day and the GLITCH HAPEN AGAIN and I didn't throw my iPad it only Happen at this game I don't think the other ones didn't happen.

  6. HOW DO ICE PRINCESSES NOT FREEZE TO DEATH WITH THOSE SHORT SLEEVES oof! btw love your videos there amazing and you are too and also you are beautiful

  7. I like ice skating I really wanna be a ice skater but…I’m never really gonna be able to bc I’m not good ;-;


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