In Bruges: Morality In Dialogue


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Procession of The Holy Blood in Bruges 1968

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  1. I actually saw this movie after I visited Bruges in the spring of 2015 with my wife. The weather was cool and overcast for the entirety of our stay. In actuality, the constant cloud cover and lack of sunlight suited that city so well. It's definitely one of our favorite places that we visited in Europe.

  2. @nerdwriter1 Rarely do I enjoy essays as much as yours, always an eye/mind-opener and intellectual joyride. Thank you very much for your wonderful and sensitive work.

  3. No Exit from morality and inflexible code. Condemned to be free to decide what is morally right or wrong. Nausea of acting and feeling of being alive. Anxiety of past actions. Being and nothingness a consequence of existence and actions

  4. Nerdwriter: makes a solid video essay on the morality of In Bruges
    What I take away from the movie: YOU'RE AN INANIMATE FUCKING OBJECT

  5. Love your analysis of this movie. I have watched this more often than any other movie. I don't know, there is just something about "In Bruges"… I love this movie. So beautiful, so funny, so sad. A masterpiece.

  6. McDonagh has a savage dry wit that is on display well in this movie. Most of his movies and plays read as a wry look at the contortions of human morality, and of how little it matters.

  7. Don’t go too far. Wouldn’t hoed is just future perfect tense suggesting something that could happen but did not happen.

  8. Number One, why aren't you in when I fucking told you to be in? Number Two, why doesn't this hotel have phones with fucking voicemail and not have to leave messages with the fucking receptionist? Number Three, you better fucking be in tomorrow night when I fucking call again or there'll be fucking hell to pay. I'm fucking telling you – Harry.

  9. Wouldnt Bruges also be the prime pick for protestantism historically speaking ? I agree the director wants to portray catholicism, just not that Bruges is a particularily great pick to do that. Its too far north really.

  10. 7:19 hoped and wouldn't are both past tense. "hoped I won't die" would be a past-future expression. The word better used to describe "wouldn't" is "irrealis" but it's not odd here because the "hoped" entails irrealis mood, and even with narration it's understood he's talking about a past state in which he presently hoped

  11. God, something really wants me to watch this movie. All I see in my recommended section is clips of this movie and videos like this.


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