Indie Game Devlog #25 – 2D Skybox Pt. 1 [Unity Game Development]


Interested in game development? Join us on our indie game devlog series where we’ll create a game from scratch on Unity called HEUSS! In this devlog, we draw clouds to populate our skybox!
Sit back and enjoy this deep dive into video game development!

►► Rhythm Is A Celtic (prod. by Exogen)
[ ]
►► Final Fantasy VII Remake Opening Theme
[ ]
►► Assassin’s Creed III – Fight Club
[ ]
►► Eivør – Trøllabundin
[ ]
►► Folknery – Karchata
[ ]
►► Outlander – Dance of the Druids
[ ]
►► Scandinavian folk on Nyckelharpa by Myrkur
[ ]

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Here’s something to quench your jibbies:


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  1. Hey man, maybe no one would have been able to tell if you didn't show it in the video but since you did: you shouldn't trace other people's drawings like that. It can come back to bite you later and damage your reputation as an artist and game developer. Tracing art can be okay when you're learning but it should never be a part of your final work.

    Since the shapes are so random and organic anyways I think you probably could have come up with them on your own using those as a style reference. Or you could trace actual pictures of clouds that look the way you want.

  2. Welcome back mate, was just thinking about Heuss the other day. Looking forward to the next devlogs. Liked the pencil crease on the clouds, but I guess it wouldn't fit the overall style. Had a woodcut/woodengraving-painting feel to it 😉

  3. Madre Santi at 1:23. You are getting really good at hiding them, sir, almost got distracted by the yummy tubercules in the bowl.

  4. I think its a bit weird that you copied the exact shapes of one of the reference images instead of using it only as inspiration. The shadows are just traced aswell. The end result looks good though.

  5. Long time no see! Uploads have been scarce lately, but that's about to change… weekly videos are coming back starting with today!

    Enjoy and we'll see you in the next one 😉


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