Indie Game Devlog #26 – 2D Skybox Pt. 2 [Unity Game Development]


Interested in game development? Join us on our indie game devlog series where we’ll create a game from scratch on Unity called HEUSS! In this devlog, we implement our clouds inside unity!
Sit back and enjoy this deep dive into video game development!

►► Rhythm Is A Celtic (prod. by Exogen)
[ ]
►► Danheim – Valravn
[ ]
►► Wicked Games – WestWorld
[ ]
►► Danheim – Aldr
[ ]
►► The Fields of Ard Skellig
[ ]
►► Wardruna – Grá
[ ]
►► Scandinavian folk on Nyckelharpa by Myrkur
[ ]

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  1. Maybe consider adding a day/night cycle if the levels are infinite or have different versions of the same level (day, night, winter etc) so that the player gets a random version when they choose the level?

  2. Madre Santi, you sure are putting a lot of thought into these clouds! Love the attention to detail.
    Funny thing, at 7:10, the dark line on the top right looks like a snake dragon, some could say it's some hidden lore right there…

    I believe what went wrong with your "Cappucino streaks" is that you placed them before the mountains and amongst the clouds. This kind of atmospheric noise is supposed to be further away, behind all the clouds and mountains to be more discreet.

    Keep it up boi.

  3. I like the new clouds more, but you had every right to use them the way they were before. You weren't "in the wrong." The oblivious kids in the comment section act like you have to make everything from scratch, but no one does that. "From scratch" doesn't even really exist anymore. Everyone's style is just from copying someone elses style and then adjusting it to your liking. In the end they're going to look basically the exact same, except now you lost all the time it took to redraw them because some 12 y/o comment section kid bullied you into thinking you were in the wrong – when in reality you did what every game dev would do.

  4. the amount of blur on the clouds mixed with the middle ground and background blur really hurts my eyes, I think maybe you could make an artistic choice and remove the blur from the clouds or reduce it considerably because to me it just look like a chunk of blur, you can't see any detail. I don't know what the solution is, it's a shame to put so much work on the art only to just blur it

  5. Ohhh really looking forward to how this is going to go … and it's a 10 min video…. how did we deserve this 👏

  6. I've a big chunky heussian BOI for you today! Enjoy 🔥🤖🔥!
    Next video will be dropping on the first of june!
    Take care and stay naughty 😉


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