Landslide! – Class 66 EWS – Train Sim World 2020


There’s been a landslide east of Brighton. We’ll take a Class 66 EWS Diesel-Electric consist of empty hoppers over there to help remove the rubble.

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  1. I sure loads of people have said this but this game was created by a different company from train simulator and when the game first game out it was a cheap game that was created so Xbox and ps players could play it as pc had train simulator but as the game got so popular it was then brought to pc then of course more and more DLCs started to come out and they have been fixing glitches on the Xbox as I play Xbox and more of the glitch I have found have been patched with In a week or so 🙂

  2. In my mind, I view this class of Sim as almost Lego of Sims, in that it should be the base on which your imagination takes it, you have the location, the locomotives, wagons, so it should be possible to combine them into any number of tasks. You could include timed runs, role playing a full route, there should be no reason to not be able to create new scripts.

  3. Ever start a video from a youtuber you've never seen and thought: " You better impress me, funnyman. I desperately need some new content!"
    This is that moment.
    I smoke too much.

  4. Each loco has it's own key , should be stored on board. Y ou partially released the brake from the rear loco , and then presumably left it like that when returning to '089. Brake should have dumped prior to vacating , but should have done so automatically when removing the reverser key. To "cut out" the brake – I presume you mean isolate, for dead-in-train hauling – the brake must be dumped before any such isolation takes place. If not , well, runaways have occurred for this reason , and it kinda spoils your day ! Not sure about brake isolation from the EM2000 , rather than the E70 on the brake stand, but Ill let that go! Nice work with the sim , and as we know, it never rains in England………

  5. No offense man, but you took 8 minutes in the beginning explaining the controls and you talk constantly.

  6. hey squirrel. love the content. love tsw. you will defo love the ryzen cpu dude. defo smash intel out of the water now. i recently upgraded from an fx 8300 to a ryzen 5 3600 and best choice ever. according to cinebench this cpu on rendering beats an i7 8th gen

  7. I hear this alot. But come on. TSW ain't gonna give you everything in one year let alone for the next 10. DTG may or may not have the ability to do the things you and others ask for…hell…I won't give DTG/TSW another dime until they both A: Steam and B: vintage US routes. They will have to produce something that interests me before I will commit anymore of my hard earned money. But to expect DTG to give out all the secrets in 2 or 3 evolution's of the game is ridiculous. The company wouldn't survive. DTG knows what they're doing. They did the same thing with TS. It didn't get perfected (relatively speaking) until 2020 and how long did that take? So calm down on the blubbering. 🙂

  8. Does anyone else have an issue when releasing brake pressure in rear cab and the bar hits 5 the message just stays up and can’t progress the start up any further


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