Let's Play Hitman Bonus Episode: Landslide – GOING OUT WITH A BANG


Hitman’s final bonus episode of season 1 is Landslide, in which 47 must take out a corrupt politician during a rally in Sapienza. Surely buying in all those fireworks was only going to end one way with Mike around. Subscribe for more Hitman!

The luckless politician in question, Marco Abiatti, meets an equally gruesome fate at the hands of Jane and Andy, but church spires and woodchippers just don’t have the razzle dazzle of a spectacular fireworks display. We’re sure the showman in Abiatti would have appreciated it.

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  1. Jane just took advantage of Tanuki Gakure no Jutsu (humans don't usually look more than 45° above them. Jane's version of 47 is a true shinobi!

  2. The only Hitman video where all three of them of them made it out clean; even Mike and he got his explosion GO MIKE

  3. All of the Hitmans Jane. You can definitely have all of the Hitmans. Priest dress thing… I mean… All the Hitmans.

  4. It's funny, the first time I played this mission I literally just shot the guy and ran for the exit. It worked.

  5. This level has great kills. Church impale, bell drop, chandelier drop, pen to the eye, electrocution on stage and while peeing, fireworks explosion.

  6. 4 hitmans for the efort and planing of the priest not 5 for having noked out a priest and heard a confecion of a brother

  7. I love your missions 3 ways episodes. I was wondering if you could do something similar for Assassin's creed liberation, as there are some missions that can be completed in any of the three personas. It'd be fun to see you all take one persona each and see how it affects your play through of that mission.

  8. So, last mission of Hitman Season 1, and everyone ends it with a fairly gruesome kill — Andy's woodchipper (which he is very sorry about), Jane's church spike (which she is very incredulous about), and Mike's barge explosion (which he is absolutely THRILLED about). Excellent. 😀 Though I think my favorite bit was the "blooper" at the end where Andy played an organ so badly they decided it was a crime worthy of death. XD

  9. Jane loved this kill and how you creepily shush victims to sleep every time you choke them out
    Andy there really is a syndrome that can change your accent fittingly called "foreign accent syndrome" that can come about by seizures or other potentially brain damaging situation


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