Marblehead The Marble Landslide Game


Marblehead The Marble Landslide Game! This game has been around since the 60’s and was made by Ideal games. My version is newer from 1989, but was still original and never used in the box. I had fun learning how to play it and see it in action for a game play. Playing in the dark added a little twist to the game play.

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Marblehead The Marble Landslide Game – Just Toys 1989

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  1. I had this game briefly in '69 or so, and I got it because I had to return my first choice, "Oh, Nuts!" (the marbles-in-walnuts game) to the store, because it had no marbles! ("Lost its marbles," LOL) But I remember tiring of "Marble Head" quickly—its rules were so simple, and it didn't have enough variation of action to keep my interest for long. "Oh, Nuts!" was better in retro, because its rules were more complex and challenging. But "Marble Head" has a "modern art" look that does look rather appealing today. Thanks for bringing it back!

  2. ❤kinda reminds me of a jenga strategy except with marbles. Hes so cute retrieving the marbles. He hit the jackpot at 10:00 lol xD


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