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Pulled from our archives, our staff played a baseball game – the Main Headquarters vs. The Annex – in the 1930s.
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Nat Geo Staff 1930s Baseball Game | National Geographic

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  1. Your speakers aren't broken! This piece of history has no audio as it was pulled from the archives. If you'd like to learn more about this film, you can read on here:

  2. "Time out!" Catcher has no shin guards! Batters have no prtective head gear. Players are too close to the playing field. There is too much fun going on here. I am calling the government to stop this game.

  3. Can i use a part of your video (may be from 30 secs to 1 min) in my video. Please please please please reply as soon as you can.i want to use some of your space videos basically a part of your space videos

  4. In Japan,there was an old film of 1930's baseball game about "Japan national team Vs,U.S.stars(such as Babe-Ruth/Lou-Gehrig and more)However it burned by B-29 bombing in the War. I'm happy to see old baseball game film today.because I love baseball too.

  5. Okay that's just adorable. My only question is, how did every employee have a baseball outfit? Did people just have those hanging around or did the company provide them?

  6. Dear "National Geographic",
    Thank you for posting.
    On certain days, during the summer, at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan USA.
    Folks come together to watch 2 teams play baseball just like it's shown here.⚾️
    The uniforms are sewed by hand, chalkboard score and old-fashioned rules they used to play by.
    I saw one briefly on my visit one summer at Greenfield Village, it was just the same as shown here, except it was live in front of you!
    The best part is, they do not serve alcoholic beverages at all.
    Family friendly and lots to learn there too.
    Thanks for reading. 📚
    Flat Rock, Michigan
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌿🕊

  7. Now that's some vintage stuff. Wonder what other vintage videos NG keeps in their archive, especially featuring NG staff 🙂


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