PES 2017 – Master League Story Mode – S3EP53 – Getting bloody in Bruges


In today’s episode Bristol need to bounce back quickly after a disappointing result in our last Champions League game – Club Brugge should be a walkover right? RIGHT??

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed the three games per episode format – there is obviously a little less highlights of each game, but it does mean we should be able to progress this Master League a bit quicker.

Also let me know if you think that Dolberg would be a better option than Boye? Maybe both?

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  1. It is a pity that Anthony Limbombe not played.
    Weird formation from Club Brugge normally they play with wingers.
    Sorry for the late response i went on holiday 😉

  2. 3 games an episode is great – lots of action and keeps the series chugging. Liking the look of Dolberg and Zivkovic but you really need some reinforcements at the back. Mings is hardly getting any time on the pitch and is average at best compared to The Bishop. Maybe look for another CB that can double out on the left (Gomez is a decent deputy LB too…) and flog Mings.

    You can't sell Fred!! De Jong, Mings and Mika are surely far closer to getting their P45?!!

  3. I think i rather choose Zivkovic than Boye and Dolberg,but Boye is good too.

    I wonder why you sign Tyrone Mings,since you "don't give" him any game time.He just warming the bench.I'm just curious.

    Oh,i do like the 3 game per episode format.The more the merrier!

    For PES 2018,maybe a master league in another league? Serie A ? La liga ? Or Premier league again?

  4. Three games an epi is ace!

    I like Boye better then Dolberg. Honestly, I think Robertha just needs one growth spurt to be awesome. Given enough playtime it's inevitable. Only 21 years old.

    Good games. Winning mediocre or difficult games is what champions do.

  5. I do like the 3 games format, the more the better!

    Absolutely spanked Brugge there, you should probably have won 8-0 but decided to calm it in the second half but that win was really needed.

    And please keep Robertha! I don't think you can get another striker with that much pace anymore and he plays so well for you, very exciting player, Boye looks great and would be a lovely addition but i wouldn't sell any strikers, especially Tammy who is just scoring whenever you give him a chance.

  6. I thought you lost at Brugge from reading your description and title. Man, you're good at misleading people.

    I really hope we can stay in another Champions League spot, because I don't want to see you pull another Leicester City again. A mid table finish is not good enough.

    Dolberg looks like he could be a good signing. I've never signed him, so I don't have much input.

    2 Extra things hehe

    1. Did you get Data Pack 3 yet? Dolberg is supposed to be licensed in PES

    2. Oh yeah, if you do think fantasy kits are a good idea, yes, they do update in the Master League, I would love to make them If you want.

  7. 3 games this episode that is great,Brugge were just bad easy win for you,Dolberg looks nice but so does Boye maybe try to sign both becasue squad depth is not too great,btw bench Magnusson yesterday he scored against Croatia in 90th min for a win,he is not good in pes anyway haha


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