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This video lesson is one of many quick and easy physical education games that teachers can use in their own PE class. Physedgames provides physical educators with video lessons on various gym games, sports, basketball, volleyball, fitness, soccer, hockey, football, badminton, LOGs, dodgeball, warm-ups, tag, creative, teamwork, and more. It’s all about exercise, physical education, fitness, and fun. Physical education games for PE teachers – thanks for watching, hope you enjoy!


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  1. I've played this game with lots of my PE classes and students of all secondary year levels love it, thanks!

  2. By the way thanks for the awesome videos I created a sports and used this for my own sport I just didn’t know how to use it until now how to create these great videos.

  3. Oof the longball I play is with a bat and ball instead and the special rules are nothing with my version

  4. Notes for my lesson plan: 1) use a soccer ball because I don't have foam soccer balls 2) use foam softballs to tag players out. Foam ball would be on a cone halfway between the mats. defending team can not pick up the foam ball until the soccer ball is picked up and lifted above the defenders head. 3) player using the foam ball must through underhand at any runners (bowling type movement. (played outdoors)

  5. Nice variation of kickball. We can't do dodgeball at our school so I would vary this so that the out is made if the ball is returned to the pitcher before the runner reaches the mat. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I"ve played this with a mixed class of 4-6 graders. It was a complete mess! When more than 2 people are on base and running there is so much action that it becomes extremely confusing as to what is going on. When do the runners have to stop running for the next pitch? When you have 10 people running back and forth and children are getting knocked over and the fielding team is getting hit by the thrown ball we fail to learn anything or have fun. I stopped this game twice to talk about how to modify it so it was safe and not confusing. We tried limiting the number of times runners can run. We tried stopping play by throwing to the pticher. Still a hot mess. This game just does not work.

  7. I play a close variant called "Endline Kickball". Instead of using a mat on the floor, I just have the run to the crash mats at the other end of the floor. Up to 3 kids can be on the mat at a time. Any number of kids can run back to home once the ball is kicked. So if there are 3 kids on the mat and a 4th kid kicks, one, two, or all three kids on the crash mat can try to make it home. Once your hand is off the wall, you have to run.

  8. LOVE THIS GAME. I've played it before seeing the video but a different variation where just the runner on the base runs back and scores her turn is done. this is a great variation. BEST YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR PE

  9. So is the kicking team out after a certain # of outs or do they continue kicking until everyone is on base? Can fielders run with ball?


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