Please Don't Say You Love Me – Gabrielle Aplin – Tutorial / Guitar Lesson


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  1. Thankyou so much for all the detail and slowing it down and everything! You make it possible for a complete rookie to pick this up!

  2. Dear it ll be helpful if u use texts…or structure of chords & picking pattern as u r too fast…it's difficult to ununderstand wt r u playing by watching.i hope u ll…

  3. Hey this is so great bro I’m actually doing a dance to this! (I do competitive dance)
    So funny to randomly stumble into 5is!

  4. Please do a tutorial on home by gabrielle aplin. I really need it for a school thing and no other youtube account teaches it as good as you. Please please please!!!!

  5. thx for tutorial.. very helpful.. i just wondering, what kind of guitar to use, acoustic guitar or classic guitar to make the sound better?

  6. Would you PLEASE do a guitar tutorial for Home by Gabrielle Aplin? It looks really hard how she plays it live 😀

  7. Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do Justin Timberlake's 'Not a Bad thing' or another of Ed Sheeren's songs like 'One' plllleeeaaassseee!
    Thanks 🙂


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