RuneScape Custom Skybox – Guide and Image Showcase!


Mod Shauny’s Orb of Oculus improvements include the ability to pick your own skybox and use it while playing RuneScape! Add extra filters on top of skyboxes for extra variation. Orb of Oculus camera has also been moved to the world map! Watch for the full scoop.

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  1. Jonas T made a very cool cinematic video featuring the new skyboxes. Give it a watch and tell him Rainy sent you!

  2. hay rainy how do people take pictures like that? i have no idea how to angle my camera like that to get such a good view, and also my char is always in the way XD

  3. I love this update. Maybe I'll submit a picture too if I can, but with low graphical settings they won't look so good. ;w; (EDIT: I temporarily set my gfx to ultra just so I could take a good screenshot. :p)

    Those acting parts with your facecam are really amusing as well. :3

  4. I really like the way you have your lighting set up when you record a face cam like that. Its creepy yet intriguingly mysterious

  5. its a pretty cool update, but in reality its pretty useless. If they made it so that whatever filter/skybox you choose, adapts to each area as you move around, then its a worth while update. I was in the Spring Fayre and did Dusk and loved how it looked, but when i heard about Count Check giving away a free xp lamp, i went to the north, and the area went back to normal. So i thought "maybe i return where i set it, maybe it will be the same as i had i before" but nope, it just resets it back to the way it was before this update.

  6. It's so beautiful! I just tried it out today, and damn… those views with NXT.
    I am also happy we can use the orb of oculus functions without equipping them 🙂


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