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Meet Big Masu, lord of samurai warriors, keeper of the Golden Staff of brothers…or so he thinks! With Dark Shadou and his ninjas lurking around, the golden staff is not safe. Big Masu calls in backup—Imaginext™ hero Sir Angus McReady™—to help him catch Dark Shadou and reclaim the staff as well as his status as the greatest warrior in the land. Can Sir Angus stop the ninja vs. samurai feud? Or will the ninjas’ stealth techniques outsmart and overpower the samurai warriors and Sir Angus? Only the spirit of the Golden Staff of Brothers can answer: Who is the greatest warrior in the land?


About Imaginext®:
It could be a classic, familiar tale. Or an all-new adventure with heroes and villains, comedy and drama. With good stories, growing imaginations and themed toys, kids can see how they fit into get a chance to re-create real-life situations, learning about themselves and others.

About Fisher Price:
Let’s spend a little less time growing up and a little more time growing down.
Let’s Be Kids.

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