Serious Sam 3: BFE PC Game Review


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Serious Sam 3: BFE is a first-person shooter video game developed by Croatia-based indie development studio Croteam and published by Devolver Digital. It is part of the Serious Sam series and the prequel to Serious Sam: The First Encounter. The game takes place in 22nd century Egypt, during Mental’s invasion on Earth, as implied in The First Encounter. The game features a 16-player online, as well as 4-player splitscreen co-op campaign mode. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows on 22 November 2011. The OS X support for the game followed shortly after and was released on 23 April 2012. The Linux version of the game started being worked on after a high amount of requests, where the first Linux-related update was the porting of the game’s dedicated server. The game itself, however, was released one day after Valve Corporation opened the beta branch for “Steam for Linux”, namely 20 December 2012.


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  1. this review and sniper ghost warrior 3 are the only ones i disagree even when i understand your points and complains. But everybody has its personal taste. I love the whole saga and idk if i can choose one, they all have its pros and cons

  2. I picked this up on steam yesterday and I'm so bored of it already. Three hours in and i don't want to play it anymore.

  3. This review is so fuckin stupid and I am glad a lot of comments here give so many reasons to debunk the garbage in this video.

  4. Serious sam 1 and 2 were hard yes, but they werent to unfair and didnt make me to upset, but serious sam 3 makes me want to throw my keyboard across the room and punch my monitor

  5. this game was actually fucking worse than serious sam 2, even that game feels like cartoon game, that game was actually fun, that game was bigger than this game, this had only 12 or 13 levels, but ss2 have 25 to 30 maps or even higher{idk}. reloading in an arena shooter is not fun. and stop complaining gmanlives. did you even played ss1 or 2.

  6. I remember this game being so boring I couldn't finish it. My hand hurt from pressing fire all the time and moving. You expect it to be over then it's not

  7. This review is a mess. Serious Sam 3 is a pretty fun game, I have no problem with reloading sometimes, I find reolading fun in fps game. Also, look like u wanted all the game to be that huge big corridor all the time…it would be just boring if all the game was this way. I think they did a great job.

  8. I actually kinda liked exploring the first map in the game for about 10 mins until you realize its all empty and looks the same and what you find barely benefits you in this type of game. I wish they did more

  9. Just like the Serious Sam HD's own Second Encounter where it's Expansion Pack "The Legend of the Beast" that didn't get mentioned, why not also bring up Serious Sam 3's own Expansion Pack: "Jewel of the Nile"? =(

  10. I don't quite understand why you bitch and complain about the game taking away your weapons when TSE took your weapons away every time you entered a new world same with SS2 yet you never mention that, plus BFE gives your weapons back rather quickly after you first lose them.
    Also Doom, Doom II, Blood, Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior took them away if you died and restarted the map so you're argument is null and void.

  11. At the generated subtitles instead of when gman says "legions of enemies" it says "legions of Vietnamese." Oh I laughed. A lot. Well.. Carry on. Lol.

  12. Sad you didn't like this game as much as myself, but that's the way it be sometimes. Personally, I fucking adore this entry. But I'm biased because it was the first SS I played, and I beasted my way through it with my best friend.

  13. I love the Serious Sam games but unfortunately this one is not as good as the Serious Sam The First Encounter, The Second Encounter or Serious Sam 2. Serious Sam 2 had 42 levels where Serious Sam 3 has 12 levels as a result it to me at least feels more like a demo than a full game. I have recently played through Serious Sam 2 and I loved it and it's not the first time I have done this and I loved it the first time too. There is a lot more didn't really like about Serious Sam 3 but since Gmanlives brought up most of issues in his review of the game it would be redundant for to bring them up here.

  14. The hit scan enemies just piss me off more than anything, and when they are all over the place with other enemies charging you it can be very infuriating and a bit unfair

  15. What are you taking about, reloading the gun in the middle of enemies make it more realistic and exciting. I have played and completed this game 3 times and this is one awesome and exciting game

  16. What are you taking about, reloading the gun in the middle of enemies make it more realistic and exciting. I have played and completed this game 3 times and this is one awesome and exciting game

  17. This video summarized:

    "This level's are too long! WAAAHHHH 😭
    I had to reload my rifle! WAAAHHHH 😭
    They took all my guns away but I got 'em back by the end of the level! WAAAHHHH 😭
    There's not enough ammo for my favorite guns! WAAAHHHH 😭
    This game penalizes me for not being able to hit what I'm aiming at! WAAAHHHH 😭
    The hit scan enemies can actually SHOOT MEEE!! WAAAHHHH 😭
    This game wasn't enough like the one from 6 years ago!! WAAAHHHH 😭
    This game is TOO DIFFICULT!! WAAAHHHH 😭
    This game wasn't made specifically for WIMPS LIKE MEEEE!! WAAAHHHH 😭

    Okay, that last one I made up … but this game was awesome from start to finish … it might not have been YOUR favorite game dude, but that doesn't mean it's a BAD game. Croteam, if you're reading this … Please ignore this wuss and keep stuff like this coming by the truckload … me and my money will be waiting!! 😎🤘😈

  18. … But ı actually liked Serious Sam 2 and 3… maybe because lack of games like Serious Sam made me accept the game even with its faults

  19. Im suprsied many that so many people like this game.. well its an okay game but its pretty far off from serious sam 1 and SE..every level is poorly designed. The maze like structure of doom and quake work because of the speed and coherent landmarks at each choke point. BFE ..the first level onwards is a mess as every single turn on the map looks the same and is randomly blocked. Some require puzzle solving with turrets while other are completley dark with glowing exit signs posted in every direction. The maps simply lack any "design" they look like they were thrown together. Unlike ss 1 which got chaotic there is a definintly flow to the maps and no random blocks also sam moves a lot faster. Sure BFE is not a bad game at all, its quiet fun .. as long as you play custom games. I hope they hire level designers from ss1 or maybe even the quake/duke mod scene..example arcane dimensions for quake or amc for duke32 or doom 2016

  20. I disagree totally with your cons of the game, I think ss3 is better than TSE. And I am quite demanding when it comes to my fps favourites.

  21. Cool British accent bro! Or is that supposed to Ah-Straaalyin? I especially like the "Aygypt" pronunciation of Egypt.


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