Silent Hill Homecoming HD Other World Prison Maze & Battle Against Asphyxia P46


~Other World Prison~
Alex and Wheeler will explore this crazy place and battle two Needlers and hears some weird sounds and voice while walking around… I think the screaming voice is Nora’s voice. And then they’ll meet Judge Holloway where she’s tied up in a room with a gas trap. But it was a trap that Alex and Wheeler didn’t know. Wheeler will get trap in the inside of the hole thing where Asphyxia came out and Alex will try to kill this monster. And Judge Holloway will escape and Alex doesn’t know she is the real enemy… And after Alex killed this monster Joshua again will show up running so that Alex will follow him lol.

This enemy… was it Nora holloway? well anyway this enemy is very easy compare to those previous ones, if you know how to time your dodge. Using guns will kill her easily that’s why I use melee 1st for fun XD. She can attack really fast but it’s easy to predict what kind of attack she’ll do so if you don’t know her attacks then you get owned. The main weakness is her tail and she will get stun when she got hit on the tail. So she get weaken easily when hitting her tail and once she’s very weak you can finish it with the heavy attack.

~Other World Streets Of Silent Hill~
It’s the outside but wha? it’s weird, there’s something blocking on the way =[ Alex can’t enter on the houses lol. And this route will lead to the Church and some Smog are here to play with Alex XD. The Pulaski Axe is very strong so I can’t finish the smog using the same method before lol.


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  1. They need to make homecoming into a movie. I mean, the drama and plot sure beat any other Silent Hill plot. 🙂

  2. The best video to this boss.
    Perso it's strange but the needlers (like the 2 before) ar my easyier creatures to fight

  3. but if you are playing….i started to play sh4 but i didn't finish the game because it was too scary for me.but sh homecoming it's ok i guess..i am still on the start of the game but i am not afraid like sh4

  4. It's all subliminal the reason why scarlet and asphyxia battles are sexualized – it's because they were murdered as young girls and never got to become women

  5. air. He pulled the hands covering her mouth away so she could breathe. Nora was killed by suffocation and this monster represents her parent's guilt of sacrificing her. Removing the hands from her mouth is stopping the suffocation thus removing the guilt, killing the monster……..or some shit like that.

  6. I really wish they had just made this a stand alone horror action game. It feels nothing like silent hill. It feels like a "fan" game, and by that I mean when fans miss the point and over do the hell out. It lacks the subtle horror and imagery. As an action horror game, its fine, but Silent Hill never was and never will be action game. They really should have just left the series alone after the original team decided to end it. Oh well. What can you do.

  7. It's ironic that she died because the lack of air (died by strangulation) and yet Alex killed her by pulling away the hands that are covering her breathing orifices. I guess those hands are connected to the neckbone somewhat.

    Anyway, just thinking out loud. It's very ironic.

  8. @Akaichou123 Sophisticated main characters contrast nicely with the sick world of Silent Hill, thus making the game scarier. Silent Hill is supposed to serious and realistic; a character who swears like dumbass is not sympathetic and makes the game look ridiculous. Silent Hill was better off without the drama.


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