Skyboxes & HDRI Maps in Unity 2018


In this tutorial I show you how to setup some HDRI, environment skyboxes in Unity 2018 or higher! This allows you to get more realism in your scenes because it’s based on real world places and data!

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  1. I'm using HDRP and I have no skybox settings in the lightening settings. Searched everywhere, even their documentation has no info on this.

  2. Mate, can you make a tutorial how can we make HDRI Skybox WITH procedural sun light? Or in other way: procedural sky with skymap???

  3. I am using hdri skybox but no risealt in vr nateral background in depth. So please vr naturial background in skybox using depth tutorial by made.I hope help me.

  4. Would you actually recommend updating from 2017.1 to Unity 2018? It has some nice new stuff, but I keep hearing complaints that it's somewhat unstable. There's also the deprecation of in-built Substance support…

  5. I used to drag to the scene the material that unity creates after set the texture type to cube, not sure what the difference is .


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