Source SDK tutorial – 3D skybox tutorial


0:00 – Introduction and making of skybox
0:51 – Lining up blocks
2:04 – Texture aligning (and lightmap)
3:31 – Adjusting scale and fog
3:55 – End

Finally got around to updating this video to make it easier to understand and, of course, HD.

Download the VMF file here:

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  1. Whenever I create a 3D skybox, it seems to create properly, however where skybox textures are in the 3D skybox it creates an effect similar to that of a map leak, where nothing new is rendered, and moving the cursor creates copies of the currently displayed scene. This is a problem as this occurs in the true map aswell. Not sure what to do about this, and I haven't seen anyone else with this issue. Also, yes, the 3D skybox is big enough to cover the level.

  2. this looks like half life hammer world editor not like portal but maybe it will help me even though im using portal 2 hammer world editor

  3. hello good sir, how did you get those houses in the far back. im wanting to make an open field type map with forest and small villages ive seen the texture in the list but how do you apply it like you did those little villas?

  4. Honestly I feel that this video left more questions than it answered…

    Where should a sky_camera be placed? Do I need special textures? Does "2DSkybox" have any use?

  5. Not sure if you'll answer but I'd like to put the Citadel in my 3d skybox but I only find those enormous models of it in the hammer. Any idea how to make it?

  6. my actual map rendered as the 3d skybox alongside the actual 3d skybox, also the 3d actual skybox is visible from the actual map through the 2d skybox


  7. Mr. Philip, is it possible to apply/create your own skybox texture onto your GOTV demo's? Atm I'm trying to change the sky by simply removing the blue but failing miserably as I'm using a 2d wallpaper to replace it. Any tips?


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