SuperKarts (DOS) – Full CD Soundtrack


Soundtrack for the 1995 MS-DOS game ‘SuperKarts’, developed by Manic Media and published by Virgin Media Interactive. Track listing as follows… (many thanks to jartapran for supplying track names).

00:00 Main Menu
07:12 Britain (Race 2)
10:08 Germany (Race 2)
13:07 Australia (Race 2)
17:45 Scores & Japan (Race 1)
20:50 Australia (Race 1) & India (Race 2)
25:20 Brazil (Race 1)
29:40 Germany (Race 1) & Russia (Race 2)
32:50 Japan (Race 2)
37:40 India (Race 1) & Brazil (Race 2)
40:20 SHOP & USA (Race 2)
43:00 Britain (Race 1) – The best track obviously.
46:33 Russia (Race 1)
49:00 USA (Race 1)

To note:
1. Tracks 15 and 16 not included as they’re only applause sound effects.
2. I’m aware there was a floppy-disk version of the game that didn’t have any music, and that’s a damn shame.
3. Enjoy!


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  1. Thanks for uploading this. I remember you could play the game cd on a stereo for the soundtrack but I've lost since lost it.

  2. 43:00 – where the epic part begins. Damn, remembering playing this game as a kid. time's running so fast, like sonic. thx for the upload!

  3. Played this game a tonne between 1996 and '98. Great fun! Frustrated the shit out of me at times trying to find the shortcuts, but I'd love to see another kart racing game like this with more players from more continents. Eg:

    Driver #9- French
    Driver #10- Italian
    Driver #11- Spanish
    Driver #12- South African
    Driver #13- Canadian
    Driver #14- Argentinian
    Driver #15- Dutch
    Driver #16- Egyptian

  4. Does anyone else really like Track 6? Australia 1 and India 2? I love the build up to the eventual "Ahhhhh, ohhhhh" or whatever it is.

  5. I’ve been thinking about this soundtrack a few times since I played this game when I was like 13 years old. And here it is on YouTube which is pretty awesome. My fav track is the Main menu track but obviously the one I remember the most is Britain 🙂

  6. Man, this brings back memories.

    Track 12 was straight up fire!! The best song out of all of the tracks! If I remember correctly, whenever that song was playing in the background, I would for some reason, to jump on my bed, because I was 10 years old at the time, and the song was just amazing!

  7. For those who love the game, there is a HIDDEN TRACK : EGYPT. It's a fun and fast one, with lots of bonu$. You can get to that track with Australia 2. In one of the last curves, there is a wall to go through. Then it's like a big stone you got to get aroung untill you see the icon inside that big stone, and the item should be a Key that gets you to Egypt. It's hard both to win Australia 2 and to Win Egypt, esp at the higher level, but it's fun. There are tons of easter eggs in this game and I doubt anyone has ever found them all

  8. ¡El primer juego de PC original que jugué! Comprado en musimundo en el 96!
    First original video-game I ever had. Played with my brother on a 15~ inch split-screen ö'.

  9. -95, to be fifteen again, sit in a dark room playing this game with a full blown nineties Goa playing in the background. Fuck my childhood was cool time to be alive.

  10. I remember composing some of these tracks. A 12 second sampling time limit made people quite creative at the time.
    Thanks for the memories!

  11. 00:00 Track 1     Main menu
    07:12 Track 2 Britain 2
    10:08 Track 3 Germany 2
    13:07 Track 4 Australia 2
    17:45 Track 5 Score screens & Japan 1
    20:50 Track 6 Australia 1 & India 2
    25:20 Track 7 Brazil 1
    29:40 Track 8 Germany 1 & Russia 2
    32:50 Track 9 Japan 2
    37:40 Track 10 India 1 & Brazil 2
    40:20 Track 11 Shop & United States 2
    43:00 Track 12 Britain 1
    46:33 Track 13 Russia 1
    49:00 Track 14 United States 1


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