THE MIDNIGHT GAME // 3 AM CHALLENGE (he's back) | Sam Golbach


Tonight we play the second round of the Midnight Game. An overnight challenge to summon the midnight man into your house from the hours of 12am to 3 am. Watch with headphones to hear everything…

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Hey I’m Sam Golbach, some youtuber who does scary videos, 3am / midnight challenges, hide and seek in haunted places, and games with my insane group of friends! Watch my weird life here and check out my collab channel, Sam and Colby, for more adventures and exploring videos.

THE MIDNIGHT GAME // 3 AM CHALLENGE (he’s back) | Sam Golbach

Sam Golbach


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  1. jake: opens the door then backs away
    me: hah that’s what i do whenever i open my bathroom doors

    edit: if y’all are confused by this i said that because i’m lowkey scared of bathrooms…don’t judge me please

  2. It's maybe two years back and I also know no one would reply my comment but I have to ask where is your Jesus where is your Holi water and it's your house and u the one who have to believe that Jesus is in your house and protecting you from evils

  3. Can I just say midnight man is a creep and Sam was holding a white liter and white liters are bad luck cause I know heaps of people holding white liters when they died

  4. Poor Sam. I would have not have been so brave to do this. I would have walked right out of that house and not have came back

  5. Me imagine my family house have a ghost

    Also me:*take all my clothes and get ready to move with my bf either😌*

  6. Corey: what fo we do when the piano played a again?
    Jake: we throw the piano!
    Corey: tried to suppress his laugh and failed horribly

  7. I was watching this video in broad daylight and then the red eyes popped up and then I got like a punch pain in my stomach then I was fine after like the fuck

  8. 24:20 you can literally see a hand behind Corey on the wall omg! It's late I know but it's true It goes in and goes out after like 3 seconds


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