THE MIDNIGHT GAME (Final Chapter) | 3 AM CHALLENGE | Sam Golbach


Colby Brock, Brennen Taylor, my girlfriend and I all play the last round of the midnight game. This 3 AM challenge we talk with Siri and try to complete the game entirely once and for all…

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Hey I’m Sam Golbach, some youtuber who does scary videos, 3am / midnight challenges, hide and seek in haunted places, and games with my insane group of friends! Watch my weird life here and check out my collab channel, Sam and Colby, for more adventures and exploring videos.

THE MIDNIGHT GAME (Final Chapter) | 3 AM CHALLENGE | Sam Golbach

Sam Golbach


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  1. everyone: talking about what happened in the video
    me: actually wondering if pennywise and midnight man would actually do a spooky game collaboration

  2. Why. Go tothe sound when you hear it like i wouldnt i would go all the way on the other side bc i would be scard af

  3. guys never watch this at night i got so many nightmares but the holy water saved me … kinda on the dream catcher and i thought the shadow man was behind me once

  4. Hey you should totally use Magnetite, lime stone, Quartz crystals to attract spirits… I mean what’s the worst that can happen…

  5. Everything keeps on turning on the TV and the piano, I wonder if it would be easier if you just turned off the circuit breaker. I’m not sure a spirit has enough energy to flip on a circuit breaker, and you guys keep on forgetting about the salt but but it does make things more scarier and more suspense.

  6. Buy yourself a diabetes device that prick your finger it will be painless and you can get your drop of blood without freaking out your buddies.

  7. 1:10
    Brennen: Colby do not turn on the lights this time
    *Everyone looks at Colby… *
    Colby: GOD..
    Lmaoooo 😂 😂 😂 😂

  8. I think those red eyes are simply the back lights of a car. They always see them through the windows. Msytery.. 😝

  9. Dude I swear to god when the video ended it was 3:33 AM for me I’m gonna start crying dude I can’t fall asleep!

  10. also, if you stop moving, the Midnight Man fallows you even closer from your last location you stopped moving from

  11. it is true, us diabetics do prick our fingers and our tools are a lot more comfortable to use and they don't hurt

  12. Me: hears thuds and footsteps above me despite living on the second floor with no other floors above me aight cool. Them: hears a creak whAT wAs ThAt!1!!


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