THE MIDNIGHT GAME IS BACK // 3 AM CHALLENGE (the return) | Sam Golbach


Colby Brock, Brennen Taylor, my girlfriend and I all play the midnight game: a challenge to invite the midnight man into your house from the hours of 12am to 3 am. ***Watch with headphones to hear everything***

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Hey I’m Sam Golbach, some youtuber who does scary videos, 3am / midnight challenges, hide and seek in haunted places, and games with my insane group of friends! Watch my weird life here and check out my collab channel, Sam and Colby, for more adventures and exploring videos.

THE MIDNIGHT GAME IS BACK // 3 AM CHALLENGE (the return) | Sam Golbach

Sam Golbach


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  1. My apartment is definitely haunted. I keep seeing figures in my room, in my sister's room, things fall off the shelves, my dog keeps barking at the wall (and he usually only barks at people an animals in real life), one of my old crutches fell over, and my mom keeps waking up to someone (or something) calling out "mom" and when she wakes up, there's no one around her and everyone in the apartment is asleep. It's pretty creepy.

  2. 15;21 there are two pairs of eyes in the mirror behind them, and all of them are out of the bathroom. it's no the candles case you can see the candles cause you can see the candles in the mirror,. AND the shadow man is there AND they pretended to summon bloody marry, each a person with two eyes………

  3. Around 23:57 There is a breathe or almost windy yell. Like out of anger. Was i the only one that. Caught that or not

  4. The midnight man “hey sunny im just gonna *grabs kat*, sam “did u feel that” Btw this didnt actually happen i just thought it was funny

  5. Sam: dont do this
    me: well IM DOING IT
    sam: dont
    me: bish im doing it
    sam: NO
    me: fine i will tell my friend julia to do it
    sam: well fine
    julia in the backround: im wanna be his friend because im a medium and i know alot about ghosts
    me: well shit shes gonna do it >_<

  6. Okay someone had to say it Kat and Colby literally look and act like brother and sister is it just me if not leave a like and what if they are secretly brother and sister anyway bye

  7. Brennon was a complete asshole in this video, seriously, playing bloody mary with someone panicking and a demon following you, Brennon was a dick and a fucking dumbass.

  8. When Sam's friends are scared: "Let's keep joking around.
    When Sam's girlfriend is scared: " Ok. Let's chill for two seconds."
    It's cute☺

  9. Sam, I don't know if you'll see this because i'm typing this in 2020, but if you don't remember if you use the salt you fail and you have to start over…
    Also if you do see this, hope your back is better, I've been busy helping my cousin with her horse so I haven't been able to keep up with your channel lately.

  10. some times i think, wt.heck you doing..i mean why u dont stop when the girl begging u not to call bloody marry, bloody marry, bloody marry 3 times ?! … whaaaatt ?? oohhh myyyy G. i saw mary in my kitchen .. realy she coock chicken and chips for joking..but realy u cant do that to this girll menn, its not cool, at all, srry! .. and now i watch the video till end ;]]

  11. What if the midnight man likes dogs? You guys may be safe for the rest of the game. Circa would just distract him.

    Edit: I’ve watched this so many times. Who else came back to watch Sams old videos?

  12. sounds in Sam's room
    Brennen right next to Sam's room
    Sam: OMG wUt is that?!?!?!
    Brennen: We are safe here right??
    Sam: I think so, but we never tried the salt thing
    Brennen's mind:"DuDe u gOt tO bE kIdDiNg mE"

  13. Everyone is downstairs.
    Door opens.
    Midnight man: "Heyy."
    Everyone: "OMG the door just opened!"
    Midnight man: "Am I that scary?"
    Few seconds later..
    Piano turns on.
    Everyone goes to investigate.
    Everyone freaks out.
    Midnight man: "I just wanted to play on the piano."

  14. When Sam, Kat, Corey and Jake are involved it's serious and scary

    When Sam, Kat, Colby and Brennen are involved it's the most hilarious shit i've ever seen

  15. Me plays the game

    Messes up

    Midnight man: her candles out

    Me tries to light it up again

    Sees the midnight man

    Me: Don't you dare touch my or I'ma kick your ass

    Midnight man: you can't I'm dead

    Me prays in my own language

    Midnight man: SHES SCARY THEN ME

    Me: Now stay out and leave Sam and colby alone

    Me: I'm happy to be me


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