The Nutshack: The Game [100%] by ChairGTables & sukimos – Themeathon 80s


► This is a speedrun from our 80’s marathon!

This Charity Marathon raised over $4,750 for Save the Children, and is just one of the many charity marathons from Themeathon.

All details will be provided on

What is Themeathon?
Themeathon is a charity marathon created by Lordmau5 and Jugachi in late 2016.
The main focus of the marathon is set on speedruns, the art to finish video games as quickly as possible.
It’s going to be held online so anyone wanting to submit a speedrun themselves can easily be a part of the marathon.
All the money raised is going to go directly to the Save The Children organization.

But here’s the twist:
What makes us unique in comparison to other’s is the theme for every marathon.
During the intermissions we are going to be doing “our thing” on camera for you at home to enjoy.
That means we are acting out the theme and try to make the intermissions as entertaining as possible.
Additionally the layout, the alerts, the website and everything else is going to be different each time as well.
The only thing not affected by this is the limitation of video games that can be submitted to the marathon.

When is Themeathon?
This year’s marathon is going to be held from the 1st of August until the 5th of August 2017.

Why should you be a part of Themeathon?
To make Themeathon a great and successful marathon it not only requires an organized staff team but also you as a participant
to show the world how far the limits of video games can be pushed!

Getting in contact with us? It’s very simple!
Not only do we have our own website, we also have various social media and most importantly our Twitch channel on which the event
is going to be streamed on:


On behalf of the entire Themeathon team we would like to thank you for your time.
Together we can make our first marathon enjoyable and successful!


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