The Technomancer Gameplay PC – Ophir Escape [Part 17]

Threats from Colonel Viktor force Zachariah, Neisha, and Scott to flee Ophir immediately.

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Doing a side quest for the mutant Beg, I deliver his gift to his mom Jenny Labour, who resides in the Slums. Unfortunately, my act of kindness has tragic consequences.

The side quest to rid the Exchange of beggars intensifies when I have to physically lay down the law. But it seems the real reason the beggars are afraid to leave is because of smuggler who blackmails beggars into working for him.

Captain Eliza Major chews me out for actions that’s she be told of by Colonel Viktor. But when I go to confront Viktor myself, Scott Seeker and Neisha warn me of a setup. Perhaps it’s high time to leave the Exchange and Ophir behind. However, my former partner Jeffery Hunter has other plans in mind.

I am playing The Technomancer using Xbox 360 gamepad controls on PC.

The Technomancer (2016) – Developed by Spiders | Published By Focus Home Interactive






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