Top 10 Films of 2008



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  1. Hey, if you're like me and wanted to know more about Dear Zachary– there's a follow up documentary called The Legacy of Dear Zachary: A Journey to Change Law it really deserves a watch after you give Dear Zachary a watch… although you should have tissues and decongestants ready.

  2. 35:40 I'll take your wager- I promise I won't cry
    35:50, after coming back— I can't see the rest of the list because my eyes are swollen shut from crying. I've heard so many awful stories and have seen so many awful things and even gone through awful things myself- but that… I wouldn't wish anyone hear what happened. It's such a sad, horrible, disgusting story about a complete psychopath that has a horrible twist ending that actually made me ill from sobbing. I actually got upset that the IMDb has it at a 8.7 and not higher. Don't get me wrong, it's not a 10 because there are some clunky transitions, but it should still be at least a 9.

  3. 1:52 – 18
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    26:13 – 9
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    36:43 – 4
    41:03 – 3
    44:11 – 2
    46:50 – 1

  4. The dark knight is the best movie of 2008 hands down and where is iron man and the dark knight is not overrated it is amazing

  5. Everyone keeps talking about Hans Zimmer as the composer of thr batman trilogy. Little people know that James Newton Howard also composed Begins and DK.

  6. Every day that I wake up and see that YMS has not uploaded top 10 movies of 2016 I cry for two hours straight

  7. Real Time (2008) Starring Randy Quaid and Jay Baruchel. Hidden gem of a movie shot and based in my home town of Hamilton, Ontario. This city is used a lot in movies, but usually to stand in as New York. Jay Baruchel's character, I find, really captures the Hamiltonian spirit then and now. If someone finds a source to watch it, let me know.

  8. After seeing your recommendation for Dear Zachary, I sought the movie out and, I’ll admit I went in an attitude of “Ok, show me what you got, movie.” And I got through pretty much the whole movie without a single tear. Oh sure, I got emotional (most predominately angry), but no tears…… and then I got to the ending. I don’t want to spoil it for anybody who hasn’t seen it (I too highly recommend it), but yeah, I was BAWLING. After the movie was over I immediately had to call my parents and remind them how much I love and appreciate them. God bless David and Kathleen Bagby. Those poor people have been though more than any parent/grandparent should ever have to go through and still they hold on to their love and humanity. My heart aches for their losses but I’m also inspired by their perseverance.

    Thanks for recommending it, Adam! I may never have seen it otherwise.

  9. Not gonna lie. I struggled to enjoy Funny Games. In fact I completely failed to enjoy it. 40:57 This right here. Now I have only read what Wikipedia says about the movie's message. And while I think it could be a neat idea to explore. I don't think the reason why I wasn't on this character's side was what the movie was going for. It wasn't because he's the bad guy but because I found the character so utterly annoying.
    Then again I don't enjoy Dark Knight either apart from Heath Ledger so take that as you may. In fact in that movie I was on Joker's side because I enjoyed his character so.

  10. In 7:26 the policeman says: "Como se llama la vieja de los cojones? "

    Which means something like "What is the name of the hag of the balls" (Cojones is a really foul way of saying balls)
    But they just translated as: What's her name? 😂😂😂

  11. if World war Z was done in a similar style in terms of narrative to Waltz with Bashir then it would have really captured the feel of the book

  12. Mannnnnnnn, Funny Games. Don't get me wrong, that's one damn good movie but I have never felt so viscerally angry from watching a film


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