Truth in Seafood Labeling: Do You Know What Fish You're Eating? | The New York Times


TimesCast: A senior scientist at Oceana discusses the group’s new study that found that about one-third of fish samples in 12 metropolitan areas were mislabeled.

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Truth in Seafood Labeling: Do You Know What Fish You’re Eating?


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  1. Hello, I am a video developer with Nautica Pro TV. can we link to this story online for our
    viewers and credit the newspaper

  2. Its kind of scary that people are eating food and don't know where its coming from, how its been processed, and how healthy it is for you. Maybe the FDA should get more involved with the mislabeling of fish that have been going. Mislabeling of food should not be tolerated. State officials should cracked down on this. Something needs to be done ASAP.

  3. this is main concern and they to need to put this as a priority who don' t know what your putting in your mouth . SCARY

  4. this is the problem. sorry we have no answer for it. the best thing you can do is get scared and upset.

  5. Saw this same story on NPR, many restaurant are lying to patrons, claiming their eating premium fish, when in fact, it's not. Next time you buy calamari, you might be eating pig anus! lol


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