Whacking A Don – The Commission Gameplay | Let's Play Part 6


Can J2JonJeremy take one of New Shore’s Five Families to new heights in this #letsplay of The Commission: Organized Crime? The Bogianas & I have been in a blood feud for too long. If we whack their Don, will that finally end it? Click *Show More* or the down arrow on mobile for more info!

#TheCommission Organized Crime (#thecommissionoc) is a turn based strategy video game developed by 302 Interactive & published by 2:30AM Studios. In it, the player takes control of one of the Five Families of New Shore’s Mafia during #Prohibition & tries to amass wealth and power without getting whacked by their peers or imprisoned by the police. It is now available through Steam to purchase here –

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  1. You might want to put a little delay between the title card and the video. I think it's a bit jarring having it move so quickly from the title card and the video.

  2. From what I've read killing a don resets their progress towards the next power level.
    Not all the impressive, TBH

  3. this time around i figured an important question needs asked about all those who enter the mafia and in doing so entering a life where there are three common ways out, the first is in a hail storm of bullets,the second is in prison and the last is turning state witness in exchange for entering the witness protection program.
    there are exceptions who found a way out without all those like a natural death (rare) or simply up and leaving Micheal Franzese style (it's true look him up)

    but you see the pattern,it's a life of violence where those you call family will turn on you at a moment's notice after a bad decision,one where privacy is a dream under the eye of the FBI and where those old mafioso are to be feared like Satan himself (no one gets that old without at least some meanstreak) so why do people get into it?

    first one reason is simple enough they come from a poor background and want to move up in the world but either lack the ability or simply don't want to do it the traditional way this is pretty common with the original gangster who came from a non mafia background like Lucky Luciano,Al Capone and the prime minister of the underworld himself Frank Costello but John Gotti and though he never became a mademan Henry Hill also came from a less than wealthy background.
    the second reason is they grew up admiring the mademan of a family,seeing the respect they got or the money they made drew them in. this probably encompasses most post commission establishment members but certainly was true for those with relatives in the mafia like Carlo Gambino who was raised around mafioso in Italy seeing people bow their heads,kiss their rings and just generally pay more respect than they would to cop.
    then there's the last major reason which Carlo also comes from being raised in a mafia connected family having made members as blood relatives made advancement somewhat easier like with relatives there to give you advice or a better understanding of the rules than most start out with which as in the case of Micheal Franzese where at twenty nine or so had made capo.

    obviously there is the last one and that is the person who watched too many mob films and thought that was how things went but i don't know of any who made it beyond associate or did anything of note.
    i hope you enjoyed reading this and again apologises for failures with grammar


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