What are Nutshack edits? The Nutshack theme song meme explained


The nutshack theme but…What is the nutshack? What are nutshack edits? We explain the history of the nut shack memes that have recently become a popular meme and trend.

The nutshack is an animated cartoon that never really became popular. For some reason in recent years the theme song has become a viral meme that people love to remix and edit in various ways. It has come to be known has nutshack edits. Titles usually start off with “the nutshack theme but” the but indicates the way it is remixed, typically involving word replacement. A certain word is said and a completely different video starts to play. Some of these videos, like the bee movie edit are crazy lengths.


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  1. Here’s a long story short: The Nutshack intro became a meme because it is repeatedly saying « It’s the Nutshack » and memers often find it the easiest way to start off a meme

  2. I saw this disaster of a cartoon once (we were subscribed to a Filipino Package) on Myx one time. Thats when I realized Myx didn’t show OPM music videos anymore and I, since then, questioned the humor we Filipinos find hilarious.

  3. Hey please put some more personality in the video and less gifs and still images. Maybe videos too? And research it a little more please. And please sound a little less patronising.

  4. I bet no one knows about the show whereas im the only one who watched the whole show before the meme, the nutshack is not really bad, i mean its from 2008


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