White Night – 1930's HORROR GAME


White Night is a new horror game with a film noir feel. White Night has an awesome atmosphere and gameplay that depends on light and shadow. I’m pumped to experience more of the White Night world!

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  1. I'm impressed with your you're commentary. 🙂 You are pretty cool have good jokes and make cool videos, though i haven't seen a lot of them but those i have where grate. Me and my two older brothers ran in to one of your videos and found it very funny and peasant to watch. 🙂 So keep up the good work and keep playing games like this 😀 they are pretty cool <3

  2. This game is a million times more interesting than the regurgitated concept of FNAF. This game's black and white concept is unique and more engaging. I'm so sick and tired of seeing and hearing about that shitty game, FNAF. It's one of the worst games I've ever played honestly.

    Yes, the first few jumpscares were okay but afterwards it's just recycled. I don't really understand its fanbase especially when there are many great, underrated games out there. Good job, SwingPoynt, if someone wants to watch that crappy game then they should watch every other YT gamer that has covered it.

  3. Hi swing point I want to say something to you that can make your vedios more views and liked first your channel is for gaming you can go out of gaming and make vlogs also buy xbox.one playstation 4 and play battlefield 4. Or call of duty or any thing and also pc that maybe will help you.

  4. Hey @SwingPoynt  You should play 'Killer is dead' it an action packed game I think you'll love it.! XD

  5. 1930's the best 30's the Great Depression and prohibition while the American mafia are rising what a decade

  6. Hmmm if I were a key, I would be at the bottom of an old, murky fountain. You should keep playing this game, it's not very nice to leave it with such suspense filled up.

  7. No worries about FNAF's 3 Mike, I'm not the biggest fan of the game and prefer with something more with a story like this : )

  8. At 10:20 when it says william vesper and u switch the front letters around it almost seems like "villian whisper" my brain made that connection for no reason but I think it seems cool that I did it without wanting to

  9. Play more! The art-style is so cool and it is a very clever way how they fit it into the storyline (from what you told us about the game).

    So many people play the same games on their channel. Don't be afraid to step out and try new things, swing!

  10. "If you guys really wanna see more of that game, go watch it somewhere else." I was cracking up.  Good for you brah. Play what you wanna play.

  11. I would love to see more, This looks like a really interesting game! It's nice to have something other than FNAF3 to watch for once 🙂

  12. Noice Roice! I've been waiting for a video of this game! It's a shame that the mediocre new installment of five nights at freddy's overshadowed this game. Personally, I just think FNaF should die out already, scott is milking it for all the $ he can get


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