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  1. Sam that is funny as hell… I'm a roofer ad your gaff over the thatcher's letter is funny. though roofers have been known to burn shit down for insurance purposes, what he is actually referring to is that when homeowners do not hire him to replace the thatch, it dries out and becomes tinder, then the sparks from the chimney light the roof on fire.

    however for me, knowing this, makes your interpretation of his letter even funnier.

  2. Omfg I’m watching this over 4 years later but like saaaaaaaaaam, eat something for fucks sake geralts health is just so low and I can tell he thinks pots are the only way to heal 😂

  3. The Cat school of Witchers' symbol is legit a cat & basically if you're a rejected Witcher, that's where you'll get sent


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