Youtubers Saw Game 3 – Walkthrough


The Inka Games team has released this year’s Christmas Special: Youtubers Saw Game 3! here’s the walkthrough in case you need some help. Merry Christmas to all of you guys, I now is a bit late but better late than never 🎅 I will see you in a few days with a new adventure. BTS Saw Game is coming out on January! 😃

● Description: It’s Christmas Eve and youtubers Lina, Lili Cross, Rovi23, ManoloTEVE, Soliid Snaake, The Marcony Games and MagicManMo prepare to receive Christmas, what they don’t know is that the evil Pigsaw has prepared a dangerous gift for them.
● Play it here:
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  1. i thank all of the Inka team for these games i will keep playing them over again after all these adventure games are fun I'll never get tired of them always look forward to seeing what is new but at the same time always play the old ones repeatedly so good special hanks to Pig Saw for the efforts.

  2. why the fuck knucles is blue and why tails is pink and why you had to do is create a robot custume terminator can scan you dumbass and grab a flamethrower and liquid nitrogen to make him froze dummy

  3. finaly a new video,your vids and games are awesome ,getting BETTER AND BETTER,man,continue the work,you really deserved 2million subs

  4. omg these r so cool y dont u get more subs like u should have subs like pewdiepie bro thats a lot of bull bull

  5. Hey inkagames your games are very good but could you translate the games to portuguese? I am Brazilian and I need to translate to understand what is written so please put Portuguese

  6. Omg, I can't believe this is out, their games just get better and better! You should have a lot more subs. Thank you for the enjoyable content

  7. 4:33 – Rubblox?? What kind of game is that?? It's Roblox.
    5:31 – And THAT, my friend, is what you called "Roblox".


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